Warm Hearts, Inquiring Minds, Helping Hands

St. Mark is a congregation of Christ-followers whose hearts are warmed by worship and fellowship, whose minds are informed and transformed through study and prayer, and whose hands are ready to serve and to share the love of Christ with others.

The church takes its name from the Gospel writer whose favorite word is "immediately," because the church practically sprang up overnight in 1956 once it was determined that the growing suburbs of west Knoxville needed a Methodist church. More than fifty years later, St. Mark continues to live up to its name by responding readily to the needs that we recognize among us and around us.

We also are United Methodist, which is a denomination that traces our history back to the renewal movement in 18th century England begun by John and Charles Wesley and has now spread all across the world. St. Mark seeks to represent the "uniting" spirit of United Methodism by emphasizing the cooperation of both God's grace and human freedom in our salvation, the importance of both personal faith and social responsibility, both a respect for tradition and a responsiveness to innovation, and a holistic understanding of discipleship that integrates our heads, our hearts and our hands as we grow into the people God would have us to become in Christ.


Can We Pray For You?

 If you would like us to pray for you, press here and the staff of St. Mark will partner with you in prayer.


Phone:(865) 588-0808

Email: office@stmarkknox.org


7001 S. Northshore Drive

Knoxville, TN 37019-8530

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