Children's Worship

God is to be experienced, not just to be learned about.
Storytelling is the key

Our experience with young children convinces us that they know, love, and worship God! But corporate worship is full of words and symbols based on stories and memories children do not yet have.
For children to participate meaningfully in corporate worship, they must first experience the stories of worship through all the senses and movement. Our children's worship involves the flow of activity corresponding to the four basic elements of worship: gathering, listening, thinking, and going.

 Order of Worship

We begin the year in mid-August to orient the children to the worship center. In this time of getting ready to be with God, we do two things: we help the children learn to enter sacred time and place and we help them learn how to use the room all by themselves. Worship will have the following order:
  • We approach God
  • We proclaim God's word
  • We give thanks to God
  • We go in God's name 

A Very Special Place

The worship center room is a very special place to be with God. In this place we have all the time we need. This is a special place to be with God, to talk to God, to listen to God, and to hear the stories of God.

Questions? Contact:

Children's Worship Coordinators
     Donna Hotz 865.951.2934
     Anne Miller Stott 865.384.4410
Pastor Kenny Faught 865.588.0808
You can download a copy of our brochure here: Young Children's Worship.