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UMCmarket is an ongoing fundraiser for our Youth!  So sign up and anytime you need to make a purchase start here.  Thank you for your support!

This is an ongoing fundraiser

 UMCmarket makes it possible for our church to receive donations from retailers every time you make an online purchase.  The best thing is that you don't need to change anything from how you shop today and every small donation makes a difference.

Every store at UMCmarket is happy to pay a percentage of the purchased amount as a donation. There is no additional  cost or charge for either you or our church. The stores send UMCmarket the contriUMCmarketbutions within a variable time frame of 30-90 days.  Once our church reaches $100 in total donations, a check will be mailed. 

When you go to UMCmarket, you will click on the "Get Started" button. You will have the option to sign up with your Facebook account or enter your email address and create a password. You will then be prompted to download the Easy Give Button and find our church (Saint Mark Knoxville Youth Mission). With these 3 simple steps you are ready to shop and donate.

Please see the video below for more information 

Note: you will look our ministry up under "Saint Mark Knoxville Youth Missions".